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“The Tajik Golden Heritage” book

Tajikistan, feel the friendship

Tajikistan Nature

Tajikistan: Statement 2009 UN Climate Change Summit


Aluminum Monthly Price - USD / MT

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Electronic Visa to Tajikistan

A new portal for issuance of electronic visas “e-Visa”, which enables foreign citizens willing to enter the Tajikistan with tourist or business visas, commences its operation. ...

Statement at Official Ceremony of the Launch of CASA-1000 Regional Project

This official launch of CASA-1000 Project will be a historical milestone for each of us as a symbol of the start of real cooperation among the countries of the wider region of Central and South Asia. ...

Press release

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Importance of Roghun dam for the war on terror

Tajikistan may hold a key to economic and political progress in the region that is vital to U.S. and NATO security interests in regards to the War on Terror.   ...